“LES PIETONS” is a family affair.

The story began in the 50’s, Laurence and Alcide, the great-grandparents of the current owners, opened a Parisian bistro in the heart of the Les Halles market, called “Le Ventre de Paris”.

They worked day and night to the rhythm of the markets activity.

In the 70’s, the market disappeared together with its “Forts” (“Strong”: that is how they named the strong men who worked at Les Halles). However “LES PIETONS” continued its journey with Jacqueline (daughter of Lawrence) and her husband Georges.

They would see the mythical artists of the time go by, like that August day in 1959, when “Bebel” after a day of filming “A Bout de Souffle” gave the name “JOJO LES GROS BRAS” (46cm diameter neck, 46cm diameter biceps and 46cm diameter calves) to George, the strongest man in Les Halles.

Twenty years later, “LES PIETONS” passes into the hands of the new generation, which transforms the Parisian bistro into one of the first Spanish restaurant-bars in Paris in order to honor the Spanish and Argentinian roots of the family

Spain arrives to Paris


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